Clearwater Securities Litigation Attorney Testimonials

My name is Dr. Christine LaRae Larson. I have been involved with Coleman Law Firm, needing legal counsel in my new role as a trustee. Personally and on the front end of my position, I had very little experience as a trustee. But now, as my involvement with Coleman Law Firm has continued, I am no longer fearful, wondering how could I possibly handle my new job as trustee. Jeff and his staff have so skillfully, caringly, and conscientiously brought me up to speed, advising me and leading me towards good decision-making on my part with positive results.

When I enter into discussions in their conference room with Jeff and Emily George, a remarkable and attention-to-every-detail paralegal at Coleman Law Firm, I know what I will find – a warm, non-threatening atmosphere exuding professionalism, knowledge, resources, answers, direction, suggestions, and caring. My questions and inquiries are always answered in a respectful and courteous manner, making me smile at times with our shared humor.

I so totally recommend Jeffrey P. Coleman, Attorney at Law and Coleman Law Firm to others, and I will continue to appreciate and utilize their skills, knowledge, and professional output and results.

Dr. Christine LaRae Larson